#thecoffeeholic #coffee #latte #cuppa #coffeetime #art  (at the COFFEEHOLIC)

#thecoffeeholic #coffee #latte #cuppa #coffeetime #art (at the COFFEEHOLIC)

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#magical creatures thirsty for some #coffee #thecoffeeholic #AReffect #AR #xperia #sony #fairytale #latte (at the COFFEEHOLIC)

Mr Mr

Note: My first K-pop review! And I don’t even listen to K-pop except for Girls’ Generation so I’m kinda a noob when it comes to K-pop. Feel free to flame me if I do anything wrong!

Girls’ Generation much anticipated comeback to the Korean music scene was met with much setbacks. First, there was the loss of data in the editing process of the first single’s video, Mr Mr. Then there was the delay in the release of the group’s video and any kind of anticipation is kinda killed by that. As we all know, K-pop comebacks are known for their elaborate music videos, catchy hooks and of course the dance moves. But with the group falling behind schedule, it gave rival girl group 2NE1 an upper hand in a way, who were scheduled to comeback around the same time as GG. So is all lost for Korea’s number one girl group? Maybe or maybe not but it’s really up to how the fans interpret it. The first single had a catchy beat and when Taeyeon said ‘Let’s go!’ in the beginning of the song, it does excites the listener. But the momentum quickly died down when it came to the chorus. Somehow, the song just doesn’t deliver. Considering that this is Girls’ Generation we are talking about, this should not happen and it was a disappointment as Mr Mr, the first single and first track of the album was lackluster. However, that does not spell the fate of the rest of the EP because follow up track, Goodbye, is a strong and solid song and should have been the girls’ first single in place of Mr Mr. Now that sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, the next two tracks were fillers and did not really do much to spice up the listening experience. The saving grace was ballad, Back Hug, which is really nice and easy to listen to. The EP ended with the fast-paced and energetic Soul but does not quite work well as an album closer. All in all, Mr Mr is a decent EP for first time fans of GG but it will leave long time fans divided. Some may say it was a good follow up effort to 2013’s I Got A Boy while some may argue that the group’s Japanese album, Love & Peace, was more enjoyable and perhaps due to the excessive Japanese promotion for almost the whole of 2013, it hindered their Korean comeback and it showed. Perhaps it isn’t the girls’ fault, SM should rethink their promotion strategy next time.

Ratings: 3.25

Track pick: Goodbye, Back Hug

Day 7

Hi all! What’s up?

Another quick update on my skincare regime. I can’t believe it’s already one week since I’ve started using AC Care and the results are nothing short of amazing! Even my dad told me this morning that he saw a difference in how my face looks. Why? Because my face glows! Yes, no shit! LOL! In the past, the products I used always dry my skin out like nobody’s business and there’s no moisture at all in my skin. Thus, I think that was what led to more acne. But now, I’m happy that my skin is actually glowing! The serum is definitely working!

But I’m still not satisfied until I get my hands on them BB cream! :P

Day 6

Hey all! Just a quick update on the amazing line known as AC Care Cosmetics!

Before that, I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and be all like ‘oh my God this is so amazing I’m taking back whatever shit I said about them earlier!’ NO! That’s not my style. I believe that if there’s any kind of negative about a certain product or person or whatever it may be, it should be voiced out. It should be done not to pull them down but to help them improve. That is if they take the hint, that is. And if you followed this earlier, you will already know what I have to say about their customer service and the shipping and delivery delay. But was it worth the wait and extra stress? Read on!

I’ve been using the Total Cure set for six days now and I have to say that this is nothing short of amazing. Before I started the regime, my imagination went on an overdrive and I thought I will end up getting all red and bumpy on the face but it’s just an overactive imagination! I noticed that compared to a lot of other acne cure products that I’ve used in the past, this doesn’t dry me out like crazy. Instead, it gives me the healthy glow I need! And it works pretty fast too! I had a few pesky bumps and I applied it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and the next day, the size has gone down significantly. Although I still have a few stubborn bumps here and there, I believe I just need a little more time for the serum to work its magic!

But that’s only for my face. I’ve also got some nasty acne on my neck! God knows how they came out but it may be due to my heaty body? Or maybe some other products is causing it, I wouldn’t know for sure. The neck takes a little slower to heal but it has healed a lot. Like I said before, it may be scar and I have to wait for the scar cream and see if it works.

Now that I’ve reviewed the skin repair products, I’m looking to see if I should purchase their skincare products. I’m particularly interested in their cleansing tissue, BB cream and sunscreen. Of course, all of this products come with the magical bee’s venom! The BB Cream has SPF35 PA++ and the sunscreen has SPF50 PA+++. I’m not too sure about all this SPF labels but I was thinking that if I do get it, I’ll use the sunscreen on my neck and the BB cream on my face. After all, the weather here is so unpredictable but forever sunny and drying that I think a little BB cream and sunscreen wouldn’t hurt.

Okay, so that’s it for today. Let’s see what will happen when we get to week 2!

Hey y’all! Just thought I give you a little update on my skin story. So I’ve been using AC Care products for 3 days now and to be quite honest, I didn’t see much difference in my skin. I believe it takes time for it to work but I can’t say it did not work at all because there were a few big bumps that I had that mellowed down within hours! Unbelievably amazing! As you can see from the pictures above, I get really bad acne on the cheek and chin area extending to the neck. My temples are pretty bad as well. So for now, I’m holding on to their promise that I will see results in 2 weeks. Hopefully when I update again in 2 weeks time (i will still post about my skin from time to time during the interim) there will be a much more dramatic difference! Dare to dream, right?

Oh and before I close this post today, I believe that those pesky pimples I got on my neck actually left quite a bit of scar there. I’m still waiting for the repair complex to come and I can’t wait to see if it can remove those scars in the shortest time possible. Also, my temples get pretty bad scarring as well. Damn those acne :(

But I’m keeping my head high and we’ll see if AC Care is worth purchasing in the future. Good night and peace out!

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Blake is practicing his evil villain laugh, to scare poor unsuspecting tourists, who pass by below the window.  

Squeals!!! Cute! :-)


Blake is practicing his evil villain laugh, to scare poor unsuspecting tourists, who pass by below the window.  

Squeals!!! Cute! :-)